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The flyer has plenty of useful info about our product. On the back it’s got wide range of compelling benefits for you – in addition to the obvious, of course – up to 25% savings on your electric bill!

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Our Frequently Asked Questions PDF clears up a lot of issues you’re probably curious about. This PDF is exactly the same one you’ll find on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Keeping Your Home Energy-Efficient with Green Techniques

Download your free gift from Green Power Factor; Keeping Your Home Energy-Efficient with Green Techniques. Even if you never install our product, there’s plenty of things you can do to use less energy in your home or business.

And most of them are right here in the free e-book, yours with our compliments! Just click on the book icon above to open it in a new window. You’re welcome!


Start Saving Money TODAY with Green Power Factor!

Would it be okay if you could put one-fourth of your electric bill in your pocket… instead of always sending it off to the power company, like you’ve been doing all this time? That means you could use it to buy something you really want. All you need to understand is that you’re already spending this money – only now you can start spending the money on yourself.

You really can save up to 25% on your electric bill – and here’s everything you need to know. Explore our website – read the Frequently Asked Questions section so you discover how it all works, get out your electric bill and find out where you fit in on the Projected Savings charts, then call or email us when you’re ready to start saving money!









Skeptics are everywhere… if you search the internet for power factor correction, you’re going to run into some naysayers. They’ll claim that because residential homes do not have to pay a power factor penalty, that power correction devices won’t help the homeowner. What they don’t say is that the customer is billed for the excess heat and loss in the wires on their side of the power meter, regardless of what their power factor is. The older the home or building, the older the wire & fittings, the more inefficient the home is, and the more they pay for energy they cannot use because of these inefficiencies. So the fact is, that if you install our device, it will reduce your kilowatt usage. For proof, read these third-party reports. The US Department of Energy’s “Reducing Power Factor Cost” is particularly good for putting the issues in terms the layman can understand.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page will explain everything you need to know, and show you clearly see how our Green Power Factor system will save you money!

General Electric Power Factor Correction Report
Reducing Power Factor Correction Cost Report- US Department of Energy Reducing Power Factor Correction Cost Report- US Department of Energy