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Green Power Factor

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Check out our flyer!

The flyer has plenty of useful info about our product. On the back it’s got wide range of compelling benefits for you – in addition to the obvious, of course – up to 25% savings on your electric bill!

Introducing a new GPF product: Green Fuel Savers, a simple organic fuel additive that will increase your MPG and burn your car’s fuel more efficiently.

Download the PDF and see what all the fuss is about! Get more miles-per-gallon, and save money in the bargain!

Yet another way for our Green Energy Community to help our precious environment.


Here’s where our customer installs are located.

This map is constantly out-of-date, because we’re installing more of our units in homes and businesses every day! If you keep checking back to this page, you’ll see the number of dots (and the area covered by the map) increase, as we help more and more new customers. But right now we’re too busy doing new installs to update the map!  ;-)

GPF comes to The Hudson Valley!

Green Power Community