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Green Power Factor

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The flyer has plenty of useful info about our product. On the back it’s got wide range of compelling benefits for you – in addition to the obvious, of course – up to 25% savings on your electric bill!

Green Power Factor Projected Savings Tables for Residential and Commercial Electricity Consumers

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Here's the projected savings tables for everyone in one convenient four-page PDF:
– Residential,
– Small Commercial,
– Large Commercial,
– Extra-Large Commercial.


Introducing a new GPF product: Green Fuel Savers, a simple organic fuel additive that will increase your MPG and burn your car’s fuel more efficiently.

Download the PDF and see what all the fuss is about! Get more miles-per-gallon, and save money in the bargain!

Yet another way for our Green Energy Community to help our precious environment.


Green Power Factor Products

How can you not want to save money on your electric bill? Would it be okay if you had up to 25% of that utility bill sitting in your pocket, or would you prefer to just keep giving it away to your utility, like you always have? See our Projected Savings tables to see how much you’ll save, which are calculated with a conservative 20% savings.

We love this story: we have a client who has solar panels on her roof and our GPF unit connected to her utility panel, and she recently got a bill from Central Hudson that asked her to pay ZERO. Nothing. Nada. Sounds too good to be true? She’s on our Testimonials page, and we have many satisfied customers just like her.

Explore our site; then give us a call, (or send an email), and we’ll get you on the path to extra money in your pocket, where it belongs!

Green Power Factor Unit Illustration Installed